Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Countdown is on.

14 Days to go. but I'm getting ahead of myself. When I was a kid one of my teachers had us do an arts and crafts project to help us keep track of the number of days till Christmas. We cut strips of red and green construction paper and made a chain out of them by linking them with tape. Each day we would rip one off until we got to the last one, which meant it was Christmas.

Fast forward 25 years or so and I need another countdown, but not to the Christmas Holiday, but to the Maddenoliday which is what game makers EA Sports are calling August 22. I've long thought of the day Madden was put out as a holiday, and now so too to the marketers of the game. All over the country men and boys of all ages will spend the whole day playing the game. Some grown men will call out of work that day or set up a vacation day as I have done the last few years. To Play a game! Are we sad? Conventional wisdom would say yes, but I have to disagree. In a world where the middle class gets more marginalized each and every day isn't it nice for us foot soldiers to have little things that make us happy? So let us have this one silly little thing, because it's all we ask. Oh yeah, and fantasy football too, but that's a way of life. More on that this weekend following my leagues sixth annual draft.


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