Saturday, August 19, 2006

A big day for Down Under Basketball

The World Baskeball Championships are under way in Japan. While most people are focusing on the storyline of the USA vs the World, I am looking for an underdog story. Some people would have you believe that the US team is an underdog, because we have sucked so bad the last few times out due to our overpaid prima donnas. I, however, am hoping for success for The Boomers of Australia. Don't get me wrong, I want my country of birth to win the damn thing, but we should win. I would love to see the Boomers keep up the momentum the gained last night when they took out Brazil 84-77 in a huge upset. Mark Worthington (pictured above) had a huge game and Sam Mackinnon and CJ Bruthon each had workman like games to take out heavy favorite Brazil.

Meanwhile, across the Pacific from Japan another Aussie B-Baller was having an impact. Lauren Jackson poured in 22 points and pulled down 9 boards to help Seattle take out the LA Sparks in the first game of their playoff series. Jackson brought the pumped up crowed to their feet with a block of Lisa Leslie's jumper late in the game and the Storm rolled to a 84-72 win in game one. Things are looking good for Aussie hoopsters these days, and that is good work out of them, mate.


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