Monday, July 03, 2006

Top 25 Records: 25-21

Following fast on Inky's heels I have compiled my list of my favorite 25 records of all time. We have some crossover, but that is only because she has been such an influence on my musical tastes over the last 10 years that we have been together.

#25 Killing Heidi - Reflector. This group of Aussie's got together in 1996 while they were still in high school and won Triple J's unearthed contest, which unleashed them on the antipodes. In 2000 they put out "Reflector" and kicked a goal with it. Lead singer Ella has the perfect voice for fast paced pop with a message, albeit, on for folks younger then I when I first heard it. Nevertheless, I fell hard for this album after just one listen and have done likewise for all of their records since. The fourth record was slated to come out later this year, but alas, work out of Melbourne is that KH have called it quits 90% of the way through their new project. Sad. Favorite Track: #1 Mascara.

#24 Blues Traveler - Four. I love when Jersey boys make good, and with their fourth album the Princeton Kids blew up. It was 1994, the year that bridged my senior year in high school and my freshman year in college and you couldn't pass a dorm room with out hearing one of the many great tracks from this record, like Run-around, Crash Burn, Brother John and the big single Hook.
Favorite Track: #5 The Mountains Win Again.

#23 Live - Throwing Copper. Once again we visit 1994 and my freshman year at York College, where after every Blues Travler song you would hear the local boys from the White Rose City: Live. Hot off their killer set at Woodstock '94 that summer the fall semester echoed with Ed's one of a kind vocals (ok two of a kind if you ever heard his brother Adam sing) and that classic mid 90's sound. This was, and is their best record and even though the songs got played over and over and over on mainstream radio they are just really fucking good.
Favorite Track: Tie #8 Shit Towne and #11 Waitress.

#22 Hey Mercedes - Loses Control. This is one of the discs on the list that is all Inky's doing. She didn't force it on me, she just played it just about every time she was in the car or on the computer and I found myself asking, 'wow. Who is this really amazing fucking band?' All you little emo kids out there, take notice, these ex Braid members are the Clash to your Dashboard Confessional. They are the OG's of the genre and they did it better. Sadly they too are broken up.
Favorite Track: #3 Playing Your Song

#21 Less Than Jake - Losing Streak. Inky and WVYC at work again, as the SKA wave threatened to wash from college radio to the mainstream but was quelled by the likes of the Bosstones. LTJ are one of the punk-ska bands who over the years have phased out the horns and moved more toward 3 chord punk. That said, Losing Streak was the height of Jake's more traditional ska approach and it was and is an amazing record. 16 songs in all of 35 minutes and all of them make even the whitest guy want to dance around like a doped up fool.
Favorite Track: #1 Automatic and #2 Happyman played back to back!


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