Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Top 25 Records: 20-16

It's Tuesday so it's time for the second installment of my Top 25 Records list, as promised.

#20 Missy Higgins - The Sound of White. There's not much more I can say about Missy Higgins then I have said on this blog already. Simply put: if you don't know her, shame on you. Her songs are simple yet powerful, and wonderfully adorned with piano, guitar and simple backing accompaniment. There is no over production on TSoW, which makes it an amazing listen no matter the listeners mood. Knowing that I may not have found Missy when I did, if I hadn't gone to Australia only makes me want to go back to Oz sooner. Favorite Track: #10 (on the Aus Version) The Special Two

#19 Poe - Hello. A favorite of mine since college, Poe never made it as big as I thought she would. The single that made the most noise was Angry Johnny, which I have to admit was the one we played the most on our radio show. The reason it was a big hit was the lyric "I wanna blow you... away." which we adroitly turned into a little comedy bit. My co-host, Jon would respond to each of the spaced out lines in the song like so: Poe: "Johnny?" Jon: "Yes". Poe: "Angry Johnny". Jon: "I'm not mad". Poe: "This is Jezebel in hell". Jon: "Must be kind of hot down there huh?" Poe: "I wanna kill you". Jon: "Oh no". Poe: "I wanna blow you..." Jon: YYYYYes!!" Poe: "...Away." Jon: D'oh!" Kind of childish I know but it was great fun and I took the time to listen to the rest of the record and I loved it.
Favorite Track: #1 Hello.

#18 Bettie Serveert - Lamprey. Best album ever named after a vampire fish, hands down. I've got to give yet another assist to Inky here, because I missed this record in '95 just as I missed the one that made her list, 1992's Palomine. This Dutch group is impossible to stop listening to, thanks in part to lead singer Carol Van Dijk's sweet voice. They play a brand of pop that never got uploaded to the mainstream from the indie world, and what was the mainstream's loss was the indie world's gain. I didn't get a hold of it till I met Inky but once I did they became an all time favorite.
Favorite Track: #4 Re-Feel-it.

#17 Oasis - (What's The Story) Morning Glory? This album could have been the soundtrack to the 90's for a lot of people. After the newest Brit invasion got underway with the likes of Oasis, their archenemy Blur and background dwellers The Stone Roses, we pricked up our ears waiting for the next big thing out of London. Then the brothers Gallagher went and caused a ruckus in the US by boasting about how big they were, and as American often do with boastful foreigners the were cast aside. Still this album never stops delivering quintessential rock 'n roll, and that's all most of us want from a rock band.
Favorite Track: #3 Wonderwall

#16 Indigo Girls - Swamp Ophellia. As should be evident by now, I love female singers, and Amy and Emily are two of the very best. The Girls were a part of my country/folk rock phase that continues unabated to this day. Something about their Georgia sound set them apart from other Athens area bands of their day such as REM, The B-52's or the Georgia Satellites. They are among the best harmonizing dues I have ever listened to, with a remarkable ability to all at once complement one another and yet set each other off. This record was chock full of amazing songs, although only two ever got any radio play.
Favorite Track: #2 Least Complicated.

10 down and just 15 to go. More tomorrow.

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