Thursday, July 06, 2006

Top 25 Records: 10-6.

Down to just 10 records left on my top 25 list. Here are five of 'em, enjoy bitches.

#10 Dead Milkmen - Metaphysical Graffiti. I have to doff my cap to Smokin' Joe Maksimow on this one. He lowered to boom on me when it came to the Dead Milkmen, and I loved them from the time I first heard this record in the early 90's. If you can take irreverence to it's highest form then these Philly boys did it. Some write there songs off as fun punk satire, but I think there was a ton of substance there as well. I chose a line from "Methodist Coloring Book" as my senior yearbook quote. Favorite Track: #3 Methodist Coloring Book

#9 Sheryl Crow - Sheryl Crow. Forgetting the fact that I have been head over heels in love with Ms. Crow for more 13 or so years, this album just kicks ass. I know most music fans never took the time to take Sheryl seriously after her much overplayed first record. And if they may have wavered in later years that crap she pulled with Kid Rock probably put and end to it. This record is great, and much more straight forward then almost all her others. She waited three years after her debut to put out her self titled record and it was because she was finding her own sound, which abounds on this disc. Right off the bat "Maybe Angels" is a great song and there are a bunch more, although most people only remember the big single "Everyday is a winding road" which has been maligned by people I respect (I'm looking at you Henry Rollins.)
Favorite Track: #7 Hard to Make A Stand

#8 Elastica - Elastica. Wow! That's what I said the first time I listened to this record on my way home from buying it, among others in a little record shop in SoHo in the spring of '95. I sat in my driveway once I got home just to finish listening to the last two songs. I started playing this record on my radio show like it was the only new release of the year, and it is still one of the few discs I can not only listen to all the way through, but also let repeat and go for another listen uninterrupted. I've heard all the criticism that they only got famous because Justine was dating Damon from Blur, and how they sampled and borrowed liberally from other UK acts of the time and I just don't give a fuck. This record is pure unadulterated genius, even if a few rifs were plucked from other rock outfits.
Favorite Track: #4 Car Song

#7 Green Day - Dookie. Ok sure, it was their first step toward selling out, but I just don't care. Think about some of the other shit that was out in 1994, and remember what it was like to have to listen to "Right Now" by Van Halen for the 10 millionth time and tell me you weren't happy to see Billy Joe, Mike and Tre take over the world. The amazing success of this album was born out by the credibility they have earned over the years. From top to bottom this is just a great pop punk record, and at the time it was a bit of a revolution to hear these songs on the radio.
Favorite Track: #10 When I Come Around

#6 Pearl Jam - Ten. Most people from my generation, the ones who graduated from high school in the mid 90's hate me for saying that Pearl Jam is ten times the band that Nirvana is. Ten is the operative word to me because I only had to hear this record once to know my tastes in music were now permanently changed. In tandem with the Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam ushered in my sophomore year while all at once changing my musical focus. This record was like a nonstop assault on your ears, and part of the fun was trying to figure out what it was that Eddie was saying. It hurts me to not have Ten in the top 5, but those are really good too.
Favorite Track: #2 Even Flow.

Listen up hookers! There's more to come tomorrow.


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