Saturday, July 29, 2006

New Kicks for Car of the Beast.

It was long past time for me to get some new shoes for my stallion, C.O.B. (Car of The Beast, so named because I have 666 in my license plate number.)

So the little lady and I dropped COB off to be reshod and then spent some time listing to the idol chatter of a bunch of brainless teens in the cafe at Borders. When I returned to the garage to pick up my ride, the 9 fingered man who worked on my car had a question for me.

9 Fingers: "Have you ever hit an animal with this vehicle?"

Greazy: "Yeah. Twice."

9 Fingers: "How long ago?"

Greazy: "The first time was more than a year ago, and the second was 3 months
ago but I just ran over it after the car right in front of me hit it. It didn't do any damage to my car."

9 Fingers: "Well that explains the piece of fur and skin we found in your wheel well."

Greazy (almost vomits): "Shit, sorry about that."

9 Fingers: " No problem, you didn't want to keep it did you? Cause we threw it away.

Greazy: That's ok, can I have my keys now.

So I guess when I ran over that deer a few months ago a bit of skin, fur and gore kicked up of my tire and stuck to my wheel well. I don't know if that is awesome, disgusting or a bit of both.


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princess1128 said...

"You didn't want to keep it, because we threw it away." - that is just priceless. Sure I'd love to keep a three month old, road grime covered piece of dead animal skin and hair. I have just the place for it in my trophy room.