Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It's Here!!!!!

Today is DVD/New Game Tuesday and for the first time in a while I went out and got something new. Each year I get the NCAA football game from EA when it comes out in July and play the shit out of it until August when the new version of Madden comes out in August. Then I take my NCAA in and trade it in for Madden, and upload the college players to the Pro game year after year while I play.

Yes, I know this makes me a huge dork, but I dont care. I've been playing Madden for 20 years. Is there anything you were doing for fun 20 years ago that you still do now.... and masturbating doesn't count. I find it therapeutic to play Play Station and I only play three games a year. Along with the two football games in summer, I play baseball all winter right up to the point where NCAA comes out. I play on the second of two TVs we have in our living room there by never missing any time with my wife. Contrary to what people tell you I can play while watching TV, talking on the phone or just shooting the shit with Inky.

And so the day has come where I become the coach or the University of Maryland, or Penn St. and take them to a few National titles in the next 4 weeks and I couldn't be happier about it. Maybe that makes my life sad, but I just don't care.



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