Tuesday, June 27, 2006

You have to stick up for your family... I mean Country.

I've posted on this blog a few times about how much I really loved our time in Australia, and how since getting back from our trip I have taken a liking to many things from down under. To that end I joined an Australia topic group on MySpace and spent a few weeks chatting with some of the people on there. I decided to stop as of today however, because I came to understand one truism: people on the internet are dicks.

While most of the people I ran into on the page were cool Aussies who wanted to bandy about all sorts of topics there was group of about 4 or 5 America hatters. They took every opportunity to take shots at the good old US of A and the worst part is, I was with them on some of the things they were angry about, but, I still went on with all guns blazing to rip their criticism to shreds. I even argued against my own beliefs once because I don't like it when people take pot shots at my country. I am a patriot at heart, because no matter how much I know this country is fucked up, it's still my country and we could be a whole lot worse.

I likened this experience to the situation almost everyone faces with their familys. If you and a few members of your family are sitting around talking about one of the people you don't like, or who takes too much liberty in dictating what they think the family should do, it is all good. But let some outsider who is just dating a cousin, or even an newer inlaw say something bad about the person and you will rip their head off. Why? Because it's your family and that means they are yours to love and to hate, and others don't get the same kind of leeway. The same goes with America, as much as I will point out every flaw to those who share her with me, I don't want an outsider taking too many liberties when trying to sum her up. And sadly, like all familys we have the relative who we all are ashamed of when he is seen outside the family. Like the retarded nephew touching his penis in the mall or the nearly braindead old great uncle who babbles and spits up on him self, our family has George W. Bush.


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