Sunday, June 11, 2006

Show Review: Missy Higgins & Her Band.

I've taken a few days off from the blog, so Inky and I could take a little sojourn to the city that never sleeps. We did a ton while we were there, but first and foremost I want to post about the Missy Higgins show we saw on Thursday night at the Canal Room in Tribecca. As I have mentioned before, we first heard Missy on the flight to Australia last year, and since then we have followed her closely. We were able to see her as an opening act last summer in Atlantic City, but this was her first show in the US with her full band. It's not that Missy isn't amazing all by her lonesome, because she is, but the show was made even better with Josh, Brett and Tony in tow. The four were in synch on all of the songs they played through out the 90 minute set. Missy's vocals, piano and six string had the mob going up and down. At one moment the hoard were bopping and dancing to "Scar" and the next you could hear a pin drop as she sang "The Special Two." All in attendance were also keenly trained on her every word between songs, as she spoke about their origins.

She played most of the tracks from her debut record, "The Sound of White" and also added in a few of her non album singles, like "The Cactus That Found the Beet" much to my delight . Since it has been two years since the album came out down under, she has had plenty of time to work on new songs, and I was happy to hear two of them last year at the show in AC. They were (if I remember right) "Peachy" and "Sugar Cain" which were both amazing, and I was hoping to hear them again that night, since they are not available in recording yet. She didn't play those but she did play 5 other new songs, one of which will be a huge hit when the new record comes out. That song is called "Steer" and is a song about what it feels like to realize that you control your own destiny, and while I can't say I know how that feels, I can say I know how Missy feels about it. I also very much enjoyed "100 Around the Bends" and "Angelia" among the new songs, and can't wait to buy the record when it comes out.

I was very happy to see the huge crowd that packed the standing room only venue on Broadway, even if a few of them kept calling for "Scar" the big single. Upon the tenth or fifteenth cat call for the song Missy quipped "Oh you just want to hear the big single, how boring" bringing about laughs from the throng. There were a fair amount of Ex Pat Aussies on hand, but there were also a huge number of Americans who have heard Missy and know what I know... that she is a fucking great singer and songwriter. I was also happy to hear the guitar playing of Josh Cunningham of The WAiFS, another Aussie outfit who I hope to catch live this summer.


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