Monday, June 12, 2006

Show Review: Cat Power

On Saturday Night Inky and I saw Cat Power at the Town Hall in NYC to round out our weekend in the city that never sleeps. First and foremost, let me say that the Town Hall is a great venue to see a show in. They coined the phrase "not a bad seat in the house" and they are right. We were in the first row of the upper deck, and you could see everything below, and practically feel the music pulse through you. The opening act was among the worst I have ever heard, but that was offset by the amazing performance turned in later by CP and The Memphis Rhythm Band.

Chan and her band were so good in fact that I was never driven to turn around and beet the patron behind me to death with my shoe. Cat Power's husky, bluesie soothing vocals kept me from snapping the little shits neck each time he said something stupid at the quietest moment in a song. She played all of the tracks from her newest album "The Greatest" and then following an outfit change came back out to encore with some of her older work, and a few covers.The show was great all around, and I have to say it was some good work out of Cat Power.


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