Friday, June 23, 2006

My MySpace is better than your MySpace, bitch.

I set up a page on MySpace about a year ago, but not for the reasons most people do. See I wanted to steal music from the thousands of artist pages so I didn't have to pay .99 cents for a song I could live with out. I have an external component CD recorder and I just have to take the line out from my computer and plug it into the line in on the CDR and blamo I have a digital copy of what ever I want to steal. That was all I used my page on MySpace for over the first 9 months, but then I got in there and did a bit of fixing up. I changed my background, I added pictures and joined a few groups. Now I have a modest amount of friends and for the most part I either know or know of all of them. I'm not trying to win a popularity contest, but it is nice to have another avenue of communication with the people I know.

I felt pretty good about being an old fucker on MySpace, amidst all the high school kids who type like they text message. eg: o mY gOd, i cnt blve Tht BiTCH tHnx sHe is Bttr thn Me!. I could even put up with all of the losers on the groups pages who put one another down for how much time they spend there, but I think i may have to delete my page after stopping for gas last night.

There they were, the aforementioned high school hip kids, both adorned in black jeans, with one sporting a pink top meant to show off what she does not yet have and the other with a band tee shirt on that I refuse to believe is cool at the moment (Creed). They were yelling at each other at the top of their lungs and were all but drowning out the claps of thunder heard through out South Central (PA that is) last night.

They were both using the word bitch so much one might have thought they were in a Chappelle Show Skit. The topic of their fight? Well I'm sure you've already guessed that it was MySpace. The sight that has come under much fire in the media of late, and after seeing the wanna be Suicide girls rumbling last night maybe we do need to cut the kids out of the site. From what I gathered from the time I could listen, they were fighting because the girl in the pink top picked the same profile song as the Scott Stapp kid and she was upset.

As I was leaving I heard one last bit of info that may have been the real root of the fight. It seemed that the girl in the Creed Tee's original beef with Pinky was her ubiquitous and tantalizing comments on her boy friends page. Because in the end, no matter how much new technology you throw at them, high school kids are the same now as we were then: dumb, and with very little real problems.


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princess1128 said...

Priceless...maybe I'll go post a "tantalizing" comment on your page and then get into a bitch to bitch throw down with Inky.