Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Joke For a Thursday.

Three men are sitting around the water cooler at work talking about how wild their nights were.

"Man, I was so wasted last night that I never even made it home. I passed out in the driver seat of my car along highway 1, and I woke up, covered in puke, with a cop tapping on my window. I don’t know how to tell my wife that I’m going to be losing my licence and that I may have to go to jail for drunk driving." Leo said shaking his head.

The second man spoke up with his story.

"That’s nothing. I met some girl at the club and took her home. My wife walked in to find her on top of me in our bed. She went fuckin’ nuts, throwing things all over the bedroom and then she grabbed the girl by her hair and pulled her out of the room. She threw me out, and told me not to come back. My life is ruined." Barry said, starting to cry.

Then the third fellow spoke up.

"You guys don’t know the half of it. I stumbled into my house and blew chunks right in front of my wife and then passed out right there in the living room. I’ll never be able to live this down." Paul admitted, turning his face from the view of his mates.

"You’ve got to be kidding." Barry retorted angrily. "My marriage is over, and Leo may be going to jail and you’re embarrassed because you blew chunks in front of your wife? It’s only a little vomit Paul, that’s nothing compared to what we went through."

"You guys don’t understand..." Paul responded on the verge of tears "Chunks is my dog."


Libertarian Commentarian said...

TGWOOFY -- I love that joke... :) Keep it on the DL I may have found the New Vault -- Coke Black... ;)

Lee said...

A newer version of my all time favorite joke! Thank you!