Saturday, June 03, 2006

It's nice to have people to act stupid with.

Today was my long awaited 30th birthday party, and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. First and foremost it helps to take ones own frame of reference into account when planning a party. Some are very grown up and want a wine and cheese affair, where you sit around and talk about important world events. Some want to get blitzed drunk and jump from bar to bar to bed and wake up with a huge hangover.

I on the other hand wanted a fun, child like party. As I have posted about before, the whole party hinged on my Mother getting me a toy I have whined about not getting for the last 20 years. Once the Flagg was in place I called on my close friends and my family to come and share in my childlike reveling. Although there were some who were sorely missed, those who were able to attend made my big day one I will remember for a long time to come.

Everyone was amazing, and very gracious, generous, and supportive of a 30 year old man who wanted to have a cook out in the style of a 10 year old boy. My cousin stayed up all night to smoke pork butts, that made the most amazing pulled pork bbq. My best friend brought crabs, and the birthday cake which was made by his mother from a vintage GI Joe cake pan. My mother in law made deviled eggs, and my friends all pitched in by helping me with tables and chairs. In short, I couldn't have such a great day without them.

As if all of the food and drink wasn't enough, everyone saw fit to bring a pathetic old man, clinging to his childhood, a well thought out gift. Whether it was feeding my Vault addiction, or spurning on my ever present lust for toys, and electronics I was humbled to see that people thought enough to not only come to the party, but to give me a gift.

My wife was wonderful through out the whole day, and indeed even more wonderful leading up to the party through all of the planning and set up. She, along with my best friend XL, really took the GI Joe theme to heart as she dressed in camouflage pants and combat boots. Many of those in attendance also took the time to engage in a bit of play, whether it be with a paratrooper, a crab on a parachute, or even running a dizzy bat race. I just had an amazing time, and it looked as if most of the party goers did as well.

It can be very freeing to drop some of your inhibitions and just be silly from time to time. What makes the whole endeavor so much more rewarding is when you have awesome people around you to join in with you. So thank you to all who came, and by the way... can you stop by later and pick up some more food?

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