Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I want a playoff beard.

I know I've done a few sports related blog posts the last few days, but this should be the last for a bit. Inky and I were watching Game 7 last night and I caught sight of one of the best examples of one of sports best traditions. Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Bret Hedican had one of the most finely cultivated playoff beards I have ever seen, I mean that thing was good. I looked like a swath of berber carpet that stretched from ear to ear and then stretched up around his mouth and down to his chest. You could use his face as a putting green. I don't know how Kristi Yamaguchi, his wife, could stand kissing him for the last month. Some players, Like Caines captain Rod Brind'amore chose to shave as usual during the playoffs, but most hockey players join in the crazy world of sports superstitions and abstain from shaving until they are either bounced from the second season or hoist Lord Stanley's cup.

Wouldn't it be great if we all had a reason to go with out shaving, or without stepping on a chalk line on our way to work like baseball players do? I have my habits, and I'm sure you do as well but our's don't resonate like pro athletes do. Maybe I will start calling more attention to my self when I spin the cap on my soda bottle before drinking it from now on, and If I get really out of hand I will hold it aloft and cry like the men on the ice did last night in hockey crazy Carolina.


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princess1128 said...

I too was watching Game 7 last night and remarked on the play-off beards. A lot of those guys had thick mountain-man type beards. The majority were dark brown too. Does that mean blonde guys don't play hockey? Yeah Canes!!!