Monday, June 05, 2006

I need a man!!!

After a wonderful weekend visit from my friends and family, real life set in today with the onset of another week. It all actually started yesterday, as the wife and I began cleaning up after the weekend party. The first thing to go was the downstairs toilet which was clogged and needed to be plunged. Upon plunging we discovered that the water will not stop flowing into the tank, and so I had to turn off the supply to keep if from over flowing. That sucked, but about three hours later my wife discovered that the oven was no longer lighting, and being as we have an electric pilot light, that is one more trip I have to make to Home Depot.

Then today I got a surprise I normally love: an early morning call from my baby. I work third shift so 8:30 is the end of my day, and the beginning of her's so I like it when we can have a bit of a chat. Only, today's chat was to tell me that we now have another problem, so it wasn't as nice to hear from her. There is water gathering under the sink, which in turn is leaking out on to the floor. For fuck's sake, now I know why people snap and take people hostage. I have spent 20 minutes running the water into the sink to try and see where the leak is, but so far to no avail.

What does all this mean? I'll tell you what: I need a man, not some worthless sack of good looks and quick one liners like myself, but a man who can fix shit. I'm sure a lot of you ladies out there think it would be great to have a guy who can cook, well think again, cause that's all I got. If you ask my wife I think she would swap me for a guest worker with a rudimentary knowledge of plumbing and electrical. So here goes:

MWM seeks Handy M, must be well tempered and good with your hands.
The right guy is good, but doesn't have to let everyone else know about it, and won't mind sleeping in the basement.


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princess1128 said...

So have you found a man to take care of your post-party handyman issues yet? I hope so.