Monday, May 29, 2006

Top 50: 41-50. Redux

When I first started this blog, I used some of my old material to keep myself at it each day. I got 5 days of posts out of my favorite of all my lists. I have lists of top movies, of top songs in a year and of course my top 5 famous people I can sleep with list. But my all time favorite list is by far my Top 50 songs. This is my list of the songs that are most important and enjoyable to me. I am in now way saying that these songs are the best ever written or played, I am only saying that they are my favorite. I have made a few changes to the list, one of which is a bit impetuous. But here it is none the less, my new 41-50.

# 50 Bridal Train - The WAiFS. Ok to here it is, my impulsive decision. I have only known of this band, and this song for a short time but, I was struck by how amazing both are the very first time I heard this track. This tale of Vikki and Donna's grandmother's train ride across Australia to catch a boat that would carry her to America to be reunited with her US sailor husband is what song writing is all about. This Aussie folk/rock outfit is quite simply amazing.

# 49 Eau d'bedroom Dancing - LeTigre. This track from Kathleen Hanna's post Bikini Kill group was at #51 on my last list, but the more I listen to the methodical bass line and the synth drums capped by the distant sounding yet ever present guitar, the more I loved this song. Hanna's lyrics are simple and straight forward, which make the music pop all the more. As far as punk-feminist music goes you don't get much better then LeTigre, or BK, and in my mind there are only 48 songs better then this one.

(see the link above to see the full capsules from the original post)

#48 Seen All Good People - Yes. A small slip from 47 but still a classic

#47 Take on me - a-ha. Still one of the best videos of all time. And a great tune

#46 Khe Sanh - Cold Chisel. This track moves up from 50 to 46 and the more I listen the more I think it will end up in the top 25 with in a few more years. An Aussie classic, and a great example of how awesome rock can be.

#45 Einstein on the Beach - Counting Crows. Only a one spot slip to make way for a heat seeker.

#44 Self Esteem - The Offspring. See above.

#43 Devil Inside - INXS. This Aussie group gets bumped one spot by...

#42 The Special Two - Missy Higgins. Like Cold Chisel this track is going to make it's way in to the top half of the list before much longer. Missy is an amazing writer and singer which would be all you need if she wasn't also an incredibly good piano player and a crafty guitar player as well.

#41 Divorce Song - Liz Phair. Just page through my blog to see how much I love Liz Phair and you will see why she is here. This song is my fav, but there are two others that could have been here as well.

The Top 40 stayed the same this time around, but the list, much like Paris Hilton, is infectious. Check out another top 50 on Cum Granum Salis.


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