Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Show Review: Lisa Loeb

On Monday night I accompanied my wife and her sister to the Sellersville Theater in Sellersville PA for a fantastic show by Lisa Loeb. As a young man in the 90's I was hooked by Loeb's song "Stay(I missed you)" just as much as the next guy. As the years wore on and I attended college I came across more of Lisa's work and developed a great appreciation for her singing, guitar playing and song writing. When the movie "Twister" came out I heard the song "How" for the first time and then went out and bought "Firecracker" and found that there were other really great songs on that record.

All that being said, this was the first time I have seen Loeb live, and it really does amplify the effect of her songs. She stood in the middle of the stage all night bantering with her band and the audience, and strumming her acoustic guitar while singing in her eternally young voice. It is amazing to note that Lisa is coming up on her 40th birthday, because when you hear her sing, or speak for that matter you would assume that she was closer to twenty. Her youthful exuberance flows though her singing and story telling between the songs in a wonderful, refreshing way. She played for almost two hours, and aside from a few set backs from the concert goers around me, the show was a smashing success.

She played all or her most recognizable songs like, Stay, How, I Do, Do You Sleep? and the theme songs to both of her TV shows. I was also happy to hear her sing Furious Rose, Taffy, Firecracker, Underdog, and most of all Bring Me Up, which is one of my favorites off of the album "Cake and Pie." Her band was on target, adding something more to her performance than if she had been solo with only her six string as was the original booking. As I said the only detractor was the guy next to me who was farting and picking his ear, when his lady friend wasn't getting up and down 12 times that is. Then there was the old guy in front of me who kept jerking about at odd times in the songs, as if for emphasis, when he wasn't taking pictures and jotting down notes.

My last little laugh slash annoyance of the night came with the smattering of applause that arose about three bars into "Stay." It's not that I have a problem with people clapping when an act plays their "big song" because I don't. I want to hear the biggest hit too. I can best explain my disdain for these few fans by turning your attention to the unplugged album by Eric Clapton. If you listen Layla, EC speaks before he and the band begin to play, he says "let's see if you can spot this one." Once he starts to play 95% of the people clap with the realization that Clapton has taken his rock classic and slowed it down for the unplugged genre. Good on 'em, I have no problem with them. It's the ten or twenty people who clap as soon as the vocals begin that piss me off.

You missed the chance to show how cool you are through your recognition of the song. You don't get to clap till the end fuckers. Where are you going with this Greazy? I'll tell you. As Lisa stood tuning her guitar she began to tell a story about how she had written this next song with Darrell Hall in mind, and at that moment 5% of the people knew which song it was, although I was not one of them. As soon as she went into the part about getting heard by Ethan Hawk, and Ben Stiller I knew, as did most of the rest of the folks on hand, that this was the big hit. Ok maybe some people needed to hear her mention that it was in the movie "Reality Bites" but thats OK too, at least they got it. For the last few people with a clue Lisa made a joke about how much she really still likes the song even though they have to play it every day, classic one hit wonder fodder. (Even though she isn't one in my mind.) Then when she began to play the song those few who came just to hear that song chimed in this there claps. Idiots.

Wow sometimes it feels really good to be judgmental and superior feeling. You should try it. Any way, that's good work out of you Lisa Loeb, I hope to see you again soon. Next up on the Show Docket: Missy Higgins and Cat Power in NYC!!!


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