Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Record Review: Pretty Girls Make Graves

For the second in my queue of CD's downloaded from emusic I present "Elan Vital" from Seattle five piece Pretty Girls Make Graves. First and foremost PGMG get some special bonus points for putting this disc out in Oz a month before they did in the states. That's good work out of you. Plus it doesn't hurt that the disc pretty much rocks from start to finish. Andrea Zollo's vocals are haunting, mysterious and sultry especially on the book end first and last tracks: "The Nocturnal House" and "Bullet Charm." On "Pyrte Pedestal" the music is a bit more light than the plodding bass driven arrangement on the previously mentioned tracks and so too is the vocal.

In my humble opinion the best track on the record is "Parade" which serves as a call to arms aimed at those who toil for the man. "We're throwing down our push brooms. We're hanging up our apron ties... we've walked so far, but we can walk all night." Sung over smooth percussion and a fat bass line Zollo's lyrics almost seam too sweet to be modern day rabble rousing, but there she is asking "are you ok with what you got?" There really are no let down tracks on the disc, and "The Magic Hour" could end up being my favorite after a few more listens as it too is a cool fucking song.


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