Friday, May 05, 2006

Look Before You Sit.

You just have to love small town newspapers. In a bigger city some stories may not make the cut when it comes time to put the rag on the street, but in a place like Salisbury, on Maryland's Eastern Shore, you can find a great nugget every once and a while.

For the second time in the last two months a man was found glued to a toilet in Salisbury, this time at a Wal Mart. The last incident occurred at a Denny's, which probably isn't the first time a person has been stuck to a seat in that establishment, but this time it was with glue. I don't know what how bad these men had to go, prompting them to sit on a public toilet in either Wal Mart or Denny's without looking first but it must have been bad. I'm sure you have all seen a public toilet that you didn't even want to look at, let alone sit on, and in this general area I've heard stories of some awful things done in a mega store bathroom.

I can only guess what the horror of finding your self stuck when trying to get up must feel like. While sitting there waiting for some minim wage restroom cleaner to come and find you while thinking about what you will say and how they will react. Then there comes the moment when you must force the words out of your mouth "help! I've been glued to the seat." God that makes me laugh. And while the act it self is not good work out of the person who did it, the aftermath sure makes for a few great laughs.


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