Monday, May 01, 2006

The house that my tuition built.

On Saturday my Alma Mater opened the new fitness center for business. As an alum who dropped 45k on my education and a donation or two since I was able to get the grand tour... with about three thousand others who did the same. The place is amazing, and it is a considerable upgrade from the facility that was in place when I was in school from '94 to '98, which is an understatement.

Along with a field house for pick up games, classes and club sports there is a full work out center that would rival a golds gym and a pool fit for a king. The students will have the ability to use a rock climbing wall, or take classes in the dance studios, and when they are all done they can grab a snack in the cafe. The center piece of the whole complex, in my mind, is the Wolf Gym II. Our old sad sack of a gym carried the same name, but was a rat cellar in comparison. The floor was made of cork tiles glued to cement and was very hard on the lower body. The lighting was woeful, and it only held about 800 souls. To be fair, when I was in school and the team was going through a run of sub .500 seasons that was more then enough.

But over the last two years the team was a combined 53-8 and made two trips to the NCAA tournament and one final four appearance we needed a few more seats. Now we have 1,700 and should be able to pack 'em in for men's and women's baskeball and volleyball as well as regional and high school events.

Living so close to where I went to school, I get to see a lot of these upgrades as soon as they happen which cause me some conflict early on. At first I was upset that while I was there we didn't have all of the cool stuff the current and future students will get to enjoy. I am so proud to see what my school has become, and take the opportunity to brag about it when ever I can. If you are young and are looking for a place to go to school that won't kill you in the wallet but will give you a great education check out YCP. It is a campus on the rise!


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