Monday, May 22, 2006

Christina: Still better than Brit.

In a world where people have been paying attention to Britney Spears ostensibly for only her looks I can't figure out why Christina Aguilera isn't a bigger deal. Let's do the list on this one: A) Christina is much better looking than Britney anyway and B) While Britney was playing the good girl who acts bad, Christina was being a real girl who was bad on occasion . C) and perhaps most importantly while Britney was forcing out album after shitty album or over produced, unimaginative teen drivel, Christina has taken her time and put out records that have gotten better and more substantive with each effort.

But here we are in a world where the dumb hick who against all odds has kept the spawn of her jackass husband alive for all of 9 months, is still seen as the queen of the pop world. I know her perch is faltering, but the "it" label is not one that requires you to actually do anything to earn it, just as Paris Hilton. All Christina has done is make some damn good music (even if you don't like her music at least you have to agree that the girl has an amazing voice) and to top off her music she also throws us fodder for gossip from time to time. Like last week when her GQ cover article hit the stands where in she takes on Mariah Carey and takes off all of her clothes. For anyone who reads my blog you know That Christina is #3 on my list of famous people with whom I can have an affair, and it is ever cemented by the 4 photos in the GQ spread. This woman is beautiful, compared to her Britney is just a trailer park ho. I just don't know why people don't see that, or why they don't take the time to tell her that it's some good work out of her to keep making real music. Well it is.

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Libertarian Commentarian said...

This woman is goddessly beautiful and HEY GTC "those are natural"!!!