Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Boys will be bo... er... Girls?

Forget the fact that the US is pretty much the only English speaking nation who have yet to elect a woman as their leader. The girls here in the US are catching up to the boys on campus. No, this isn't a rant about female vs male graduation rates, or math scores. This is a commentary on girls hazing one another like the boys do.

First and foremost let me say that I have been hazed before, and I looked forward to it. It was safe, and pretty much supervised and you weren't part of the school until it happened to you. So when the first snow fall came at St. Joe's Seminary and the upper classmen dragged us from our beds and rolled us in the snow, shoved our faces in snow and the snow in out shirts and pants I was happy. That was the end of our hazing ritual and it meant there were no more calls of "Freshman get me this" or punches, shoves, or other stupid harassments.

Now the girls of Northwestern's Soccer team can line up with all the other stupid jocks and Greek organizations who load their "newbies" up with beer and make them do all manner of weird and sick shit. In a newspaper report out today one of the women on the team said that no one was forced to do anything they didn't want to do, and that the event was all in good fun.

Indeed one would imagine that the women who put the event together wouldn't have posted the pictures on the web if they thought they were doing anything wrong. As long as no one is being forced to drink dangerous amounts of alcohol or put themselves in physical danger who should care? The underage drinking argument is bull shit, because the 18 year old drinking age is a joke. I will always fall back on the point that if you are old enough to die for this country you should be able to tie one on.

If you are not mature enough at 18 you most likely won't be at 21 either. So if the problem people have with hazing, in it's stupid ritual forms mind you not the binge drinking, running through traffic forms, is that people do something humiliating to be part of the group then they might want to take a look at "grown up" life. Every day in this country people do shitty jobs, jump through government hoops and lower themselves to ever plummeting lows of self worth just to make a buck, find love and friendship or even a bit of joy.

So while the idea of hazing may be stupid, sophomoric or arcane it isn't much worse than everyday life. And isn't nice to see that girls can behave just as poorly or childishly as boys. God Bless America.


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