Thursday, April 13, 2006

The price we pay.

There was a time in the distant past when some crumudgonly old pundit preached about the evils of the modern world surrounding humanity at large. I'm sure the old know it all told people they would go blind if they kept reading those written words painted on animal hides. They warned of the devil or some evil spirits being in the sounds that were produced when the blew their breath through a hollowed out stick. It's funny what is considered modern in our world and what is old fashion. Reading has become very passe, and most people would be lucky to have two or three real works of literature in their home. Music too has long since devolved from its previous place in our lives. Where it was once used to tell stories and inspire now most people would be hard pressed to tell you what the meaning is behind most modern pop songs.

For the last three weeks I have been forced to reembrace the old while I was confounded by the new. My computer has been attacked in a wave of modern net terrisom. What the purpose of virus and spyware attacks are to those who do them I will never know. But, they sure drove me crazy. They rendered my computer unusable and when I was let down at every turn by those I foolishly went to for help I went back to the past. I read hundreds of pages of my stack of books that I never seam to get around to. I listened to my music, with out doing any web surfing, so that the music was the main event. I was really very happy with how I was spending my time, but every time I ascended my stairs I came face to face with my office, and the tiny useless monolith under my desk. "Nevermore, bitch" it cried in my direction, in a voice that resembled HAL 9000. It taunted me that I couldn't write on my blog, or listen to by beloved Geelong Cats games late on the last two Friday nights. The Cats won both of those games, and sit atop the AFL ladder albeit two games into the fixture. I was beginning to wonder if I could face a life with out a computer.

Then my best friend came for a visit, in part because he can, and in part for our annual gift exchange for our birthdays. He got me quite possibly the best gift he ever has (more to come on that in a later post) and I was happy with what I got for him, and he seamed to enjoy it as well. He saw our dismay at both the computer problems and our subsequent treatment at the hands of geeks both foreign and domestic, and he rose to the occasion. He offered to take the CPU to his brother in law to see what he could do, and low and behold the problem appears to be fixed. I will be going to pick up the CPU with my wife this weekend but for now we are happy to be here at the library easing back into the online world while pick up a few real books as well.

Thats good work out of you: XL, and Rick. I owe you both.

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