Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Keep yours, or die trying.

Let's face it, pimpin ain't easy, but it's necessary. So to is filing bankruptcy if you have cheated someone out of fifty million bucks or so. After being told by a judge that he had to pay Lydia Harris, half of what Death Row Records is worth, Suge "I didn't Kill Tupac" Knight is looking to protect all of his bling, with a bankruptcy filing.

I don't know where to come down here, from what I have read Mrs. Harris has a claim to half of the company in so much as she was there at the start and was shut out by Knight. Maybe she shouldn't complain, if you cross Suge bad things can happen. I don't know how much work she did to make the label the success it ultimately became, but this is America where anyone (at least anyone with a good lawyer) is entitled to their piece.

I've had more computer issues this week, so this was just a quick hit on my way back to my normal posts. Tonight the wife and I head down to DC to see dinosaur Jr with their original line up.


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