Saturday, April 22, 2006

Got Ya.

I'm sure most everyone has already seen this, or will soon but the picture to the right is not Air Force One. However, it looks real enough that if fooled the Air Force who walked out to the hanger to take a look at the left wing of the craft.

This is like sitting in your living room and seeing live video of the cops in front of a house that looks just like yours (cause lets face it, almost all houses look alike these days) and going to the window to see if they are there for you. The plane is a rented 747 that pop clothing designer Marc Ecko painted to look like AF1. He then set up a video shoot where hoods in hoods hop the fence and elude the guards in order to tag W's ride with the words 'still free' all in the name of pop art. I think it if fuckin' genius, but with the way things are in this county today Ecko may get arrested for doing it, or at least get an over aggressive audit by the IRS next year. At the very least his phones will be tapped.

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