Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ahead To The Past.

Right now in Hollywood prequels are all the rage, as is getting a person who is hot to work on your project. In early 2008 the two will yet again collide. JJ Abrams who has a huge hit on his hands with the TV show "Lost" spent last year working on a sequel to a movie that was based on a TV show. That movie was M:I:3, and now he has been tapped to make a prequel to 10 movies that were about 6 TV shows. Abrams will assume the helm of the Star Trek world when he brings us the 11th movie about the United Federation of Planets through out the years. His challenge will be one faced by many a prequel maker: how to make a movie who's goings on predate the original TV series, and movies and not have the technology look a million times better. This was where I felt the newest Star Wars movies failed, at least in appearance, if not story line.

Abrams will have the pleasure to pen the tail of how Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock met, while at Starfleet academy, and what their first mission was like. He has done some very interesting things through the first two seasons of Lost, and has tackled outer space in Armageddon, but in those story's he didn't have to deal with millions upon millions of fans who care a great deal about the previous work. Anyone who really wants to know how devoted Trek fans are, just check out the documentary "Trekkies" and you will see what Abrams may be up against.


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