Monday, March 27, 2006

This Guy Can't Remember if He's Full of Shit.

How many of you have ever wanted to just scrap all of your normal routines and start over fresh? What if you could do all that and add being famous to your repertoire? Meet Doug Bruce, a British chap who lived in New York in a big huge apartment and now is living a big huge lie. This guy walked into a police station three years ago and told the boys in blue that he didn't know who he was, and in fact didn't know anything.

Later he claimed that he had never seen the rain, but some how he knew that when one is in trouble they should go to a police station. Lucky guess. Bruce used his gimmick to begin rubbing elbows (and one would imagine crotches) with the big names of New York and London. He became the talk of all the big party's in town, and after a few months peeked the interest of an old friend (who he some how remembered was a film maker) to make a documentary about him.

"Unknown White Male" opened in DC the other day and spewed the tale of this modern day circus freak. What it didn't do was show footage of Bruce and filmmaker Rupert Murray going to one of New York's awesome hospitals to take a CAT scan which would show if Bruce ever really had any brain trauma that would cause amnesia. The footage wasn't included because Bruce never went to a doctor, a move that would be like cutting open the goose to prove that it is just a golden egg making machine with feathers.

Fraud doesn't even begin to describe this mother fucker, but I have to say that I admire his idea. Who among us wouldn't want to try and snatch fame by basically starting our lives over. I would, but it would me in Melbourne, and rather than saying I couldn't remember anything I would say I couldn't remember how to do stupid office work.


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