Friday, March 31, 2006

Show Review: David Sedaris

Those who know me, know that I love National Public Radio. I find that is provides a wonderful arena for open ideas, honest reporting of national and world events and it also can be quite entertaining. You hear voices on NPR you would never hear on mainstream radio. For the past 14 years one of the voices heard on Public Radio has been David Sedaris. Sedaris is the solo author of some six books, in addition to books and plays he has co-written with his sister Amy, who some of you may know from her hilarious series 'Strangers with Candy.' That show aired on Comedy Central and counted among its cast of actors and writers a younger Stephen "it's French, bitch" Colbert.

For Wednesday's show at the venerable old Keswick Theater in Abington PA, the Author read a few short works of both fiction and non-fiction to start the show off. His mild mannered, almost geeky, speaking voices seams to be the perfect offset delivery for his amazingly sharp wit and focused insight. Even when reading his fable about an alcoholic cat who is going to an AA meeting while in prison contains wonderful prose and laugh out loud provoking dialog. After working through some new and old work, Sedaris moved on to reading some passages from his diary that ranged from wry smirk inducing humor to tear maker laughs coupled with snorts. A Q&A ended the night and Sedaris was still on his game, keeping 90% of the audience in stitches. Some of the sad sacks that have season tickets to venues like the Keswick should really do their home work if they are going to be offended by a middle aged gay author who talks about buying a skeleton as a Christmas gift for his partner or tells us of the last time he touched a monkey.


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