Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Record Review: She Wants Revenge

This is the first of three or four new-ish records I have been listening to over the last few weeks, and I figured I would do a week of reviews. I decided to start with this self titled record, because it was the one that jumped up and grabbed me first. My first thought was, can't these guys try and emote a bit more with their vocal, but when I got past the 80's style drone and allowed myself to tap my toe to the dance floor rocking music, I began to dig this disc.

Adam and Justin are the LA lads behind SWR and they had one idea in mind when they pulled this duo together: get on the floor mother fucker. While perusing their web site I found a great quote that illustrates their modus operandi: "We just wanted to make a record that would make girls dance and cry" says Justin Warfield the voice and guitar half of the group. I can see how that desire manifested it self in the end product which is heavy on Adam Bravin's bass and computer programmed beats that make you think of a dance in 1988. They admit to being inspired by, among others, Joy Division and The Cure, and the influence is apparent. The song writing is better than I had expected, and some of the songs are down right transcendent. The first single is Tear You Apart, which is very good, but in my mind the stand outs are "Red Flags and Long Nights", "Sister" and "Broken Promises for Broken Hearts."

She Wants Revenge will be required listening for the mid to late teen bad ass set, but there is a lot of quality for us old late 20's folks as well. If you spend anytime at a club that actually encourages dancing these days you will be sure to hear a few of these tunes, and if you look real hard you will see a few of those kids who scare old people in the mall while on their way to Hot Topic actually crack a smile as the dance with one another. That is if they haven't lost their mind in the music and are all over each other.

Lyrics like "she was a bad, bad girl, so he told her so" and "she likes disco and tastes like a tear. Tells me 'don't stop dancing' and she's pulling me near." put the hot steaming froth topping on this cup of dark and rich rhythm. And for that I say to She wants Revenge 'that's good work out of you." All this week I will be looking at KT Tunstall's debut, the new Cat Power disc, the newest British invasion of the much ballywhoed Artic Monkeys and a review of either Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah or Panic at the Disco.


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