Monday, March 20, 2006

Movie Review

The man to the left of these words is a dick of the highest order. He may or may not end up being convicted of the crimes he is accused of, but one thing is sure: he will never get complete enough punishment for what he has done. Not in this world at least. Even if one of the 30 thousand people he screwed over were to kidnap and torture him it wouldn't be enough. If you want to get fired up about Jeff Skilling and his cronies as much as I have do your self a favor and watch filmmaker Alex Gibney's Oscar winning documentary, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room.

I finally got around to watching it this weekend and I was struck with a few thoughts right away. #1 How much fucking money do you people need? #2 This was a great movie, well done and in my mind tight to the facts of the case(s). #3 America is screwed as long as the people allow big business and big government to be in bed with one another without at least one foot each on the floor. Lastlly: #4 There but for the grace of the American socioeconomic model go I.

I work for a fortune 25 company and in our previous incarnation, before being swallowed up by our current behemoth of an employer, we all wondered about some of the amazing numbers we reported each and every quarter. In the movie some of the Enron folks said that there were months they were sure they weren't going to hit their number, and then magically they would not only hit it, they would blow it away. That was us, and what happened to Enron could have happened to us then, or to any of us now. One reason stands out: corporate Greed. How much is enough? You can only get so big, and then you become lethargic and uninspired. Haven't these people figured this out yet?

One person who seems to have a pretty good idea of what the problems both were and are is Gibney who puts together a masterful combination of former workers both high and low on the food chain, to go along with reporters and analysts who covered the whole Enron story. Interlaced through out the movie are clips of the testimony given before Congress of one Jeff Skilling, Dick number one. CED. Chief Executive Dick. Just listening to him talk made me feel like I needed to take a shower. Add to that the insanely big headed and over the top traders who joke in recorded phone calls about how they are screwing the people of California and you would think the Dick Head category was all filled, but its not. You have to throw in the former Enron executive who walked away with a third of a Billion (With a B) dollars before all the shit went down. Of course he had to give some of that to his wife, because the got a divorce when he left her to wed his stripper girlfriend who he had knocked up. Seems some people got big pay days to spend all their time at tittie bars, good work if you can get it.

I was so mad after watching this movie that I just wanted to steal something from a major corporation to try and tilt the scales back to the average joe ever so slightly. Oh yeah, I did... can't say what though, but it is round and has a whole in the middle.


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