Friday, March 03, 2006

Don't Mess with a Good Thing

The commissioner of the National Football League pushed back the hangman from the noose yesterday. Paul Tagliabue delayed the commencement of the uncaped era in the NFL by agreeing with the Union that they should take 72 more hours to try and not screw up what has been the best run and most profitable sports league in all the world.

If no deal is met by Sunday we may be on the verge of only a few teams being able to compete based on the amount of money they will be able to spend. Although the team I root for, the Washington Redskins, will be one of them, I would rather see the billionaires (owners) and millionaires (players) work this one out and keep the status quo in the league than test the waters of a MLB style plan. For pushing the deadline back I say "not bad" but if you can get something worked out I will say "that's good work out of you."


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