Saturday, March 11, 2006

Cats kick ass, Have a chance to win the cup.

The Geelong Cats of the Australian Football League moved on to the finals of the NAB Cup with a chance to earn their first major title in 43 years. The Cats got a balanced attack to win (3.10.14) 101 over the Freemantle Dockers (1.10.12) 81.

The twenty point victory was made possible by a huge forth quarter for the Cats who trailed by 10 points after three quarters time. With the win the Cats now move on to the Finals of the NAB Cup to play the Adelaide Crows at AAMI Stadium in Adelaide. The Crows earned a landslide victory over Melbourne (1.16.24) 129 to (1.5.5) 44. As a reminder to those who didn't see my last post about the Cats the score line is 9 points goals or supergoals, then 6 point goals and the last digit is behinds which are worth one point. A goal is earned when the ball is kicked through the two center goal posts. A behind is awarded when it goes between the outer post and inner post. There are four posts at either end of the pitch, the two inner posts being slightly taller than the outer.

When the NAB Cup concludes the 16 teams in the AFL will begin a fixture of 22 games and the top 8 will make the four week Premiership Playoffs which culminate in the Grand Final to crown a champ. I will up date anyone who is interested in the times and channel of any AFL games shown in the US, and the time of the highlights show called Toyota Aussie Rules, which airs on Fox Sports Net. More Record reviews to come, including The Artic Monkeys later today.


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XL said...

Looks like they're playing a game of grab ass to me. Is that considered an Atomic wedgie? I think that should be a penalty for sure!