Saturday, February 04, 2006

Top 50: 41-50

On of the things that I love about the MP3 player revolution is the ability to have all of your music with you where ever you go. While most people, including my wife, have gone with the Ipod I chose the Dell DJ. We have done a lot together over the last year and along the way I started to listen to stuff I hadn't pulled out in years. Just having it right there at my fingertips, and not having to lug a few hundred CDs in my car reopened my interest in some forgotten music. I decided to put together a list of my favorite songs of all time, first a top 10 then 25 and before too long a top 50. I have probably put too much thought into a list that seems to change from week to week based on my taste at the time, but these 50 are the ones that seem most representative of all my favorites.

#50 Cold Chisel - Khe Sanh. Wow, what a great classic rock tune, and from a top notch Aussie outfit as well. I didn't hear this song till many years after it was put out, but after that one listen it became an instant favorite. This song just rocks.

#49 Mr. Big - To Be With You. Ok, I know I just lost whatever cred I might have had, but it is my list and I love this song . I remember the first time I heard it, in the Gym at St. Joseph's Seminary in Princeton NJ. I was but a young man, who was thinking about becoming a priest mind you, but I knew I wanted to want someone like that.

#48 Dave Mason - We Just Disagree. I love the words to this song, and quite frankly I heard it the day I decided to break up with a girl in High School and it seemed to hold all the things I wanted to say to her.

#47 Yes - Seen All good People. I got a classic rock education as a young man while working at a New Jersey Pizza shop and listening to New York's famous K-Rock. This was one of those songs I loved the second I heard it, and instantly asked the older guys about. It's always been on my list and always will be.

#46 a-ha - Take on Me. The Video, the video, the video. If I had to sum up my thoughts of pop music in the 80's this song and video would do nicely. Lets face it, it's just a great song.

#45 The Special Two - Missy Higgins. I had to restrain myself from putting this one higher, because I only heard it for the first time last year. I love Missy Higgins, and I cherish all of her music, this one, or some tune of hers, will end up in the top 10 one day. If you haven't heard her go out and pick up some of her tunes.

#44 Einstein On the Beach - Counting Crows. Of all the bands that make me think of my late high school years the Crows are right at the top. They were huge and I enjoy much of their music, but it was this track from the DGC rarities disc that always defined them for me.

#43 Self Esteem - Offspring. I didn't want to like this song, or this band but by the end of my senior year of high school I too turned the stereo in my '78 Chevy Caprice as high as it could go to rock out with this one. Plus its hard for a 17 year old dating a whore not to sympathize.

#42 Devil Inside - INXS. This was the first album (Kick) not by my favorite artist, to be named later, that I was able to listen to over and over again with out fast forwarding through a song. It was hard to pick my favorite from this disc but this one is very evocative to me.

#41 Divorce Song - Liz Phair. Another great album that doesn't require the 'track ahead' button. I love Liz Phar, both then and now, and think that she has done some of her best work over the last two maligned records but this one is my tops when it comes to her.

That is the first installment of the top 50, coming up we have names like Led Zep, The Doors and the chairman of the board. To all those who made the list: That's good work out of you.

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