Thursday, February 09, 2006

Top 50: 31-40

Here is my second of 5 installments of my list of favorite songs of all time. It is kind of ridiculous to try and put this list together, because it is hard just to begin to narrow it down, but I took more than a weekend to do this. I started by picking my two favorite songs by each artist I owned a CD, Record, Tape or MP3 file of. That left me with a huge list which was easy to trim. Some groups/singers never made it past the first cut, which got me to 250 songs or so. From there I made a few playlists on my Dell DJ and as I listened to them I would either keep a song on the list or drop it. After spending the winter last year doing that I ended up with 88 songs on one list, and I took the same approach till I got to 50, at which point I tried to put them in order as best I could. What it all added up to was my Top 50 List and me coming to the understanding that I am in insufferable loser. Here's the list:

#40 Ass Ponys - Little Bastard. God bless college radio. While a DJ at WVYC the York College Radio station I was exposed to this gem of a song by an outfit I bet 99% of you have never heard of. It is just a catchy little song by a great little indie band, that I played on my show all the time.

#39 Archers of Loaf - Web in Front. Another Indie great who gave us another impossible to turn off song. Most people would remember it from Kevin Smith's movie Mallrats, but again I know it (and Loaf in general) as a staple of the mid 90's playlist at WVYC. GO LOAF!!!

#38 Led Zeppelin - Over The Hills and Far Away. This 8 track power house is my favorite album of all time, and it placed two songs on the list. Over The Hills was a High School find, I know it was 20 years after the album came out, but I was born in '76 so sue me. Plant's words, Page's rif and the last 40 second will always be stuck in my head. It is just a classic.

#37 Frank Sinatra - Wave. Kind of a shift of gears huh? This one goes back to the mid 80's for me in the Italian American Civic League Hall in my home town in Jersey. My Pop and his pals would sit around after functions and drink a few while taking in the chairman, and above all the standards this one stuck out to me. Maybe its the bass in Frank's Voice, or maybe its just a great fucking song, but years later I went looking for this song when we went back to the hall for my Dad's funeral and that memory hit me.

#36 Lou Reed - Walk on the Wild Side. How does this song not just jump out of the speakers and grab you? I was 4 when it came out, but the story caught me when I was in my mid teens as much as Reed's voice and the simple yet ass kicking arrangement complemented so well by the back up singers.

#35 Billy Joel - Summer Highland Falls. I love piano, and I revere the Piano Man. Turnstiles is my favorite album of his, and it placed three songs in the top 100 and two on the top 50. The words to this song are amazing, and if you have never had a moment of you life where they spoke to you then Wow. "and though we chose between reality and madness, its even sadness or euphoria." Home run!

#34 Crowded House - Weather With You. This is just a good ole fashion great tune. Lyrically it may not be the master piece that some of the others on the list are, but it is very evocative of a lot of different thoughts and emotions through both the words and music. I love the Finn's music, then and now.

#33 Playing Your Song - Hey Mercedes. Most of the former members of emo forerunners Braid got together to form a tight little group in Hey Mercedes. Loses Control is an awesome album, and I can listen right through with out any 'track ahead' needed. This song smashes your ears with tight guitar and ass kicking rhythm section performances all set off by Bob Nanna's one of a kind vocals.

#32 Less Than Jake - Automatic. Another in a long line of college radio favs. I owe my wife for this one (as well as a number of others on the list). She turned me on to the mid 90's Ska wave which had a nice head of steam until No Doubt and Smashmouth's masquerades as ska bands screwed it up. Automatic is infectious, and will make even the sadist sack dancer move hips, feet heads and hands.

#31 Jeremy - Pearl Jam. I always like Eddie and the boys better than Nirvana (I love Foo though). I was a freshman in high school when I got my fat little fingers on Ten, and it rocked me. I'm not saying it was a life changing thing or any of the crap a lot of grunge kids would say, it just rocked in a different and more substantial way then most of the crap they were throwing my way in the late 80's hair shit mettle days.

20 down 30 to go. Up next we will span from the 50's to the 90's as we look in on the likes of Dusty Springfield, The Kinks, R.E.M and The Beach Boys.

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