Monday, February 13, 2006

Proud to be an American.

Don' t get me wrong, I love this country and all of the freedoms I am provided by being a citizen of it. I love our history, even the parts where we were wrong since they also add to what we are today, and are supposed to teach us what not to do in the future. All that being said, sometimes I am just down right embarrassed by my countrymen and women. In a week that has seen so much turmoil in the world's political arena (an area I really don't want to focus on in this blog) what has made me grimace has been the actions of the second most powerful man in the world and the first most pathetic princess of the "famous for no good reason" set. Dick Cheney and Britney Spears....This is some good work out of you two.

The pop diva decided it would be a good idea to drive with her small child on her lap so she could protect the young lad. The Dick... I mean the Vice President shot a friend in the face and neck with birdshot while he was aiming at a quail (oddly enough not the former VP of the same name but an actual bird.) HE SHOT HIM IN THE FUCKING FACE! One might argue that while Brit's stock should fall even farther now then it did before, Dick's might soar.

Sure we as American's don't like it when young illiterate mothers endanger their little ones, but we love it when old dangerous men who hang out with illiterates pop off shotguns. The Veep might get a rap album out of the deal, and if he were to have someone in his office leak a story that it was he who shot Biggie and Tupac his album could easily out sell any of Britney's. He could even sample Ashcroft's "Let the eagle soar" and have GW quotes from the State o' the Union dropped in with the base line here and there. But in the end I don't know which story is worse to us as a people, being as both will be brushed under the "I'm famous, so I can't get in trouble" carpet.

Britney's fans are much more impressionable and should just be reaching the age where they too want to have kids. Wait I think all her fans have already passed 14, so many of them already have kids. If we as a society say it was ok to drive with little Sean on her lap because people were taking their picture, won't we also be saying there are times when others can do it too? If we say that a few old white men in the woods playing with guns while clad in designer orange vests get a pass for an accidental shooting are we going to let others think being safe isn't needed because accidents will be forgiven. Just something to think about.


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