Thursday, February 02, 2006

Number 4

Next up on my list of famous women with whom I am allowed to step out on my wife is Christina Aguilera. She is the youngest, and by my estimation tiniest lady on my list. At 25 I think it is easy to claim that Christina is far ahead of the crop of performers she emerged with back in the late 90's. While she has always been light years ahead in talent when compared with the likes of Mrs. Spears, Nicks Ex and what ever Duff or other vacant fake blonde she compeated with, Christina has now reached a new eshalon. While the other girls have tryed to push their lack of tallent down our throats she took time to put together the record she wanted to last time out, and is obviously taking time again on the next one since it has been 3 years sinces Striped came out.
One of the things I find so inticeing about Christina is that she has seamed more in touch with her sexuality over the last few years, never playing that 'I'm a good girl virgin' card. She put it out there for all of us to see, and even thought I am sure her public persona is a bit more over the edge then the real person, I apreciate it. She has an amazing voice, which truely sets her apart from the other aforementioned performers, but I always thought she was much prettier than them as well. She has wonderful facial featurs no matter what color hair is draped around them and a small but powerful form. Her curvs and the way she chooses to show them off just ooze sexuality and now that she is more woman than girl she has really sharpened her allure. I hope to hear more honest, powerful, female empowering music from Christina soon, and when I do I'm sure i'll say "thats good work out of you" Christina for the music and for making it to number 4 on my list.

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