Sunday, February 05, 2006

Number 3

The Lady at Number 3 on my list of women I am allowed to cheat with has been there since its inception. I first caught sight of her in Days of Thunder, but I was 14 and more interested in the cars at that point. I was 16 when my dad chose to rent the movie Billy Bathgate, mainly because it was a mob movie. I liked the movie, but I loved it's leading lady, a young Australian named Nicole Kidman. I would be lying if I said her full frontal nude scene didn't play a big part in my early infatuation. Those were the days when a young man didn't get to see a fully nude woman on TV on in movies with out considerable effort, and here was this amazing redhead standing atop a water fall with nary a stitch of clothing on.
There is nothing I can say about Nicole's beauty that isn't evident to anyone who looks at her, she is just the perfect exemplar of striking female features and an amazing figure. I'm glad she has stuck with her trademark red curly locks for much of her now storied career, and although her Aussie accent has waned over the years, it is also quite pleasant to hear. When she does press it is still there, but not quite as much as when you hear interviews from early on in her career.
Although I enjoyed my early Nicole sightings, or other nudes she did like in Eyes Wide Shut, I think the most amazing thing she has ever done is Moulin Rouge. In that film she was quite simply the most beautiful actress I have ever seen on screen, and we found out she can sing to boot. Even though I tend to think of her as more of a classic beauty that doesn't mean she can't pull of passion or raw sexuality. For an example of this all one needs to do is see her sex scene in Cold Mountain. Rapped up in what was an excellent movie all together was a very hot and convincing love scene with Jude Law that left both men and women transfixed. For being number 3 on my list, and for always having been there I say "that's good work out of you" Nicole Kidman

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