Wednesday, February 08, 2006

DVD Review: Waiting

I just picked up the great new movie from the man who acted in a classic favorite of mine: National Lampoons Van Wilder. Ryan Reynolds has made his way around all types of media over the last few years, TV, comedy movies and action movies, but it is in films like Waiting and Van Wilder that he excels. Even his cameo in Harold and Kumar was top notch, and just a look from Reynolds can crack you up. In Waiting he is the massively under achieving top dog waiter at a chain restaurant called Shenanigan’s which is a poorly disguised version of Bennigans. Other than doing his best to sleep with the underage hostess his main focus in life is to get through the shift so he and his group of coworkers can go to his house and have a huge party, only to wake up and do it all over again. Who hasn’t been there right? The crew of the Restaurant include Anna Faris, who before Broke Back Mountain languished in films like Scary Movie 2 and The Hot Chick. She is great in Waiting and her performance as the on the ball waitress is complemented well by Justin Long’s go getter waiter. Long is best known as the geek in Dodgeball, but in Waiting he plays a cooler roll, and quite well I might add. The pot is stirred amazingly well by the pathetic and inept boss played so well by David Koechner. We all have worked for a asshole like this guy, but when he is played by Champ from Anchorman or Todd Packer from The Office (see previous post) it takes it to a whole new level. Koechner almost comes off as a more pathetic version of Champ or the Dad from the sex talk in 40 Year Old Virgin, but fits so well into the fold of misfits at Shenanigan’s. Add to the mix the kitchen staff lead by Chi McBride (see the boss in Undercover Brother) and seasoned well with a sprinkle of Dane Cook (quite possibly the funniest man alive right now) and Luis Guzmain and this is a movie you will watch over and over again. On a more troubling note, the sick and disgusting things the staff do to the food of the people who treat them poorly are totally accurate. I have seen them done, and wont comment on weather or not I have done them myself. It is true what they say: Don’t fuck with the people who handle your food. Take care of your waiters and waitresses people and then you wont have to worry about spit in your mashed potatoes, snot on your bread, and pubes in your burger.

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