Saturday, January 28, 2006

Road Trip

It's early on a Saturday morning here in Cooperstown NY, and the other boys are still sleeping, I got about 4 hours, but the thing that sucks about third shift is when I'm out with "Day Walkers" I know I'm going to be short on sleep. We made it up here in about 5 hours, and walked up and down Main St. Cooperstown yesterday looking at all of the shops that were open. As it turns out Up State New York is not the most popular place to visit in winter and a lot of the shops down town are closed till the warmer winds blow.

It's a great little town, and if you are a baseball fan like myself it has a lot more in store. I love that there are some people in this world who can take a love of the game and cross it with respect for the history of not only the sport but our nation. Baseball has been an important part of our maturation as a people, and although it has come under attack, often from within, over the last 10 years it will continue to thrive. Seeing the history of the game on display here in this tiny New York village makes me happy that, no matter how people try to fuck baseball up, it has kept on going. I like to think of it as a metaphor for our nation as a hole in fact. No matter how bad our leadership is, or how much small parts of society try and pull us off the track, the inertia is just too great to be undone.
So for that I'll say: that's good work out of you baseball. For being there, for keeping your self viable and for simply being the most pure and balanced of all sport ever dreamed up by man.


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